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球探网即时比分足球即时比:Guangwushan Tourism Planning Workshops held preliminary report


足球即时比分   July 14, 2015, Nanjiang Guangwushan travel planning will be held preliminary report on the topic. Nanjiang county party secretary Liu Kai, county and home county leaders Lishan Jun Guo Zhizhong, Wanlin, symbol outline, open Choi Wu, Zheng Qiong, what effect Germany, A Search, Ma Hui attended the meeting. County office, county government office and other relevant departments attended the meeting. Experts and researchers from Sichuan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other renowned institutions attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, the hospital group, respectively, in terms of development background, planning scope, location advantages, market positioning Guangwushan tourism planning for a detailed report on the situation and focus on the haze mountain scenic land control regulations, repair Regulation has been described.

  Nanjiang Party Committee Secretary Liu Kai speech, to support the hard work of our hospital and for South River tourism development thanks. Secretary Liu also pointed out that tourism development planning is the key, with a practical plan to guide the rapid and healthy development of the tourism industry, in order to truly put ecological county, county tourism, green rise, synchronized development strategy Well - off into practice, departments at all levels should attach great importance to and actively participate in the planning and improvement.

  Well-known experts to conduct feasibility discussions around planning, operational and other aspects, combined with local tourism veteran South River practical for South River tourism development suggestions.


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