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190kk足球即时比分即时指数:Xinjiang Tianshan Tianchi scenic area tourism promotion and product integration construction plan


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Tianshan five miles of the most beautiful is the Jade Pool

Project Location: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Fukang City

Background information:

  Tianshan Tianchi is located halfway up the mountain Bogda Peak Fukang City in Xinjiang under 110 km east of Urumqi, altitude 1980 meters, it is a natural alpine lake, a national 5A class tourist attractions. The lake was half-moon, 3400 m long, at its widest point of about 1500 meters, an area of 4.9 square kilometers, the deepest of about 105 meters. The water is clear, crystal jade. Surrounded by hills, green grass and bright flowers. There are "Tianshan Pearl" reputation.

  Bogda Tianchi southeast is the majestic peak (Mongolian "Bogda", meaning Mountain, the Holy Mountain) up to 5445 meters above sea level. There are two peaks around the peak is connected. The rise of view, and from the three peaks, towering cloud inserted, like a carriage. Peak glacier snow-capped shining silver, and clear blue lake Tianchi side by side, constitute a mountain Pinghu graceful natural landscape.

  Tianchi is now not only foreign tourists in summer resort, and has become an ideal alpine skating rink in winter. Frozen lake every season, here gathered Xinjiang provinces or brother athletes on ice, skating training and competition. March 1979 was my fourth Games in speed skating race held in Tianchi. Tianchi surrounded by mountains, the snow lotus grows, frozen chickens, pines infested with deer, over long mushrooms, as well as Codonopsis, Astragalus, Fritillaria and other herbs. Shan He has exotic animals, there are fish in the lake waterfowl, numerous peaks summit modern glaciers, as well as copper, iron, mica and other minerals. Tianchi area so rich in resources and unique natural landscape, the fieldwork of biology, geology, geography workers who are more attractive to charm people. 1982 was listed as national key scenic spots. May 8, 2007, Xinjiang Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area formally approved by the National Tourism Administration for the state 5A-class tourist attractions.

  Resorts range: 548 square kilometers

  Services: Regional Tourism Integration and product upgrade construction plan


  Across the middle of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, a total length of 2500 km, extending into the western part of Kazakhstan, at the eastern end is to an altitude of 5445 meters the highest peak of the Bogda Peak East Tianshan Mountains. Tianshan Tianchi is located in the north of Bogda Peak, ancient glaciers and landslides blocked rivers and formed mountain lakes, the legend is the Queen Mother of the West where the gods gathered to hold peach event, the so called "Wonderland."

  Xinjiang Tianshan Tianchi scenic area is a typical mountain-landscape northwest arid region of China, is the hinterland of the Eurasian continent on behalf of the natural landscape of the arid region, in order to complete the plant vertical landscape with glaciers and snow-capped mountains, alpine lakes as the main feature, with ancient mythology Wonderland and religious, ethnic customs and cultural connotations, its landscape resources is extremely important ornamental and scientific value within the time range. Scenic from south to north linear distance within 80 km, covering the high mountains with permanent snow, alpine ploskogorye grass band, Zhongshan canyon forest belt, a low mountain ploskogorye grass and desert with five vertical landscape with the world rare.

  1982, the State Council as one of the first batch of state-level scenic spots 4A place;

  1990, approved by the UNESCO as the International Man and Biosphere Reserve Bogda;

  2007, the National Tourism Bureau awarded one of the first batch of 66 national AAAAA level scenic spots.

  The new space planning tasks undertaken include the integration of existing planning, scenic environment improvement, construction planning and tourism product in four aspects format transformation, a blend of specialty scenic spots, geological parks, nature reserves, forest parks and other overall planning of different systems to Questions and market as the main guide to product development and line organizations as its main task to Tianshan Tianchi National Scenic Area as the core, Bogda Peak 80km radius of a circle of other related and neighboring scenic spots of radiation, improve Tianshan Tianchi tourism product structure, improve the scenic tour transportation system, expand scenic tours framework, effective shunt Tianchi scenic tourist core, the core area to protect the ecological environment, visitors to extend the residence time, increase scenic comprehensive income, promote upgrading Tianshan Tianchi regional tourist products, practical regional ecological environment protection. At the same time, through the development of tourism Tianshan Tianchi, drive Fukang City and surrounding areas of economic, social, and harmonious development of the environment, and ultimately to build a national AAAAA level scenic tourist demonstration, an important part of world heritage sites, world-class tourist destination , by the National Tourism Administration evaluated as "positive innovation in the field of technical routes and methods, the preparation of the traditional scenic tourism planning has a positive role model."


  People reports: Tianshan Tianchi exploration and practice in the development of science across the road - Tianshan Tianchi scenic "Eleventh Five-Year" Development Review and the "five-second" Prospect



  Currently, the Tianshan Tianchi scenic spot once again standing at a new historical starting point, facing new opportunities and challenges in accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the critical period resorts, conscientiously sum up experiences and practices "Eleventh Five-Year" period, a comprehensive analysis of the "Twelfth Five-Year development of the situation "period, for the transformation of development mode, to achieve leapfrog development in science is critical tourism industry has a pivotal position.


"Eleventh Five-year" Development Review


  (A) In the past five years, Tianchi scenic constantly adjust and improve the development of ideas of five years.


  Tianchi scenic development ideas along with the pace of progress tends to continue to reform and improve the adjustment, from the initial idea of simply engaging hospitality services adjusted to meet the diverse needs of different groups, the development of ideas of integrated services; from a focus on the economic benefits for the first The 思路提 rose ecological, economic and social coordinated development of ideas; change from predatory exploitation of resources, ideas for quick success to the scientific planning, strict protection, unified management and sustainable utilization of scientific development ideas. Especially in the past five years, the rapid development of road, ideological changes, institutional innovations brought in an inexhaustible motive force of development. Since 2003 we have put forward and gradually improved to create "eco Tianchi Tianchi humanities, digital Tianchi, integrity Tianchi, ice Tianchi" concept of development and construction goals, as a turning point, Tianshan Tianchi scenic area of scientific development into the fast lane, and and achieved remarkable results. By the end of 2005, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture Party Committee, government clearly stated that "Tianchi scenic spot into the national first-class resort," the development goals, and made the Tianchi Nature Reserve Administration and Management Committee Tianshan Tianchi scenic area merged Xinjiang Tianchi Management Committee and in the whole area Two major initiatives to implement large-scale ecological migrants, has issued a "speed up the development of Tianchi scenic view", "accelerate the development of modern service industry Prefecture opinions", effectively the development and construction Tianchi scenic placed in a more important s position. These initiatives Tianchi scenic area for scientific development has laid a solid foundation has played a strong role in promoting and safeguarding. To some extent, the transformation and innovation of institutional mechanisms for timely adjustment of the production relations scenic, scenic greatly emancipated productivity, marking the resort into the landmark stages of development.


  It is because of Party committees and governments at all levels of development and the principal leaders of the Tianshan Tianchi scenic given a great deal of care and high expectations for the development of various undertakings resorts provide a strong support. Meanwhile, we self-imposed pressure, the times, combined with practical, clarify ideas, determined to ecological protection as the basis for planning and design as the prerequisite to project construction, according to the law in order to standardize the management as the starting point, high-quality civilization service as the key to the "national first-class, world quality" as the goal, to build a new ecological protection and tourism management system, operation mechanism development ideas, put forward the "Eleventh Five-Year" period Tianchi scenic "123456" development plan, each year determine a scientific The goal, for a year to a new level by creating realize 5A and national civilized tourist area and other targets, and effectively enhance the scenic work, insist on forming a "government-led, business-oriented, market-oriented operation, the whole society participation" development principles, and strive to build the core of Fukang Tianchi scenic, urban, desert scenic linkage and win-win development pattern, in order to "achieve the two changes," namely: ticket sales achieved by the simple change to the tourism economy overall economic growth mode; to achieve from single ticket sales by out planning, protection and construction projects to integrated, diversified project financing change as a breakthrough to improve the quality of development, expansion of tourism space, the initial realization of the "first-class" goal.


  (B) In the past five years, it is the scenic economic, social and ecological benefits of continued steady growth in five years.


  Economic benefits: During the "Eleventh Five-Year", Tianchi scenic overcome Olympic security, a series of unfavorable factors of the international financial crisis, "7 5?" Events, actively organize various tourism revenue, the resort overall development maintained a good momentum. Tianchi scenic "Eleventh Five-Year" period were tourists 5,136,000 passengers, up 95.3 percent, "fifteen" during the same period; ticket sales 316 million yuan, an increase of 122%; tourism income of 2.403 billion yuan, an increase of 277%. Direct employment of more than 5,000 people and indirect employment of thousand people. Fukang Tianchi ecological and tourism area in the city of Urumqi and Changji and even adjusting structure, promoting employment, benefit people's livelihood has made a positive contribution.


  Social and ecological benefits: 2006 is "Global Tour" and other 31 provinces and cities nationwide Metropolis jointly named the "China most foreigners go to 50 places", in the first annual meeting of China's tourism brand was named "China Best travel destination "; in 2007, the success among the ranks of 5A grade scenic tourist area of the first 66 countries, and won the" National Scenic Area Comprehensive Treatment Top Ten units "and" Best resource protection China's top ten scenic spots " and other awards; in 2009, with honors awarded the title of national civilized tourist area, was awarded the Ministry of Land and National Geological Park qualification was included in the Ministry of Construction of China National Natural Heritage Tentative List, was named the regional ecological civilization education base; 2010 January, "China's top ten charm leisure lake" selected activities, Tianshan Tianchi was named "the most mysterious lake." Consecutive years by the Chinese Consumer Protection Foundation, "National Civilized integrity (window) unit", in early 2011 the autonomous region was named best civilized units.


  (C) In the past five years, it is the area planning continues to improve, and improve the infrastructure of five years.


  Planning remarkable ----- always "high standards, high starting point, high-level" requirements will guide the planning, "Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area Master Plan" by the nationwide Institute of Urban Planning and Design winning lasted five Southeast University It was completed and approved by the State Council. Number of top domestic Planning Institute of Forest Inventory and Planning Institute, Beijing Tourism Planning and Design Institute Davos summit, Beijing Gohigh Data Network Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Geological Park and geological heritage surveys and assessment center to complete the preparation of the " Overall planning Xinjiang Tianchi Bogda Peak Nature Reserve "," Tianshan Tianchi International Resort Tourism Zone service reception base "," Digital resort master plan "," Tianshan Tianchi Geological Park Master Plan, "and so on. Xinjiang class Xinjiang Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute and Design Institute, Urumqi Garden Design Research Institute prepared the Tianchi core area, the poles Hill, Ma Asan, Poplar Ditch, flowers ditch five regional regulatory detailed planning. In particular, by the end of 2008 hired a top domestic tourism Planning and Design Institute, Guangdong new space to complete the preparation of the "Xinjiang Tianshan Tianchi regional tourism integration and promotion and product transition plan", the financial project planning, markets, lines, products in one, to grasp the international tourism products market demand, has been a member of the National Tourism Bureau, Department of Finance and Planning Division Director Wu literature and the district, state and city leaders at all levels of the country's top level of evaluation and fully recognized.


  In the eighties, the nineties and in 2003 the foundation of Tianchi Nature Reserve, Bogda Peak thematic study on Xinjiang Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2006 and launched a comprehensive scientific investigation Tianchi scenic resources work, which is Tianchi scenic area development the history of the past 50 years, the first time a large-scale, comprehensive, multidisciplinary comprehensive scientific investigation, have formed two important reports (issue comprehensive scientific investigation report and Bogda Mountain Nature Reserve conservation and ecological reconstruction and the recommendations of the report ). This is following the first Science and Technology in August 2007, in Chang Jike will contact the state government, Chengdu Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Xinjiang Branch of the signing of the "House of a House", "Tianshan Tianchi scenic spot on the strengthening of scientific and technological cooperation agreement" has been carried out Cooperation projects. Through in-depth research carried out extensive conservation efforts, enhance the technological level and technological content of scenic resource protection work effectively maintain the representation and model of international "Man and Biosphere" Bogda Peak biosphere reserves for the next reporting World Natural Heritage has laid a solid foundation.


  ----- Infrastructure improvement plan as a guide to the protection and development of both the principles of scientific and rational use of resources, implementation of scientific development and construction of scenic and ecological protection. Key aspects of tourism facilities around perfect function, enhance cultural taste, etc., raised funds for construction of nearly 10 million, have been completed and the S111 line transformation, over 40 infrastructure longevity concept, Tianshan Tianchi international ski slopes. Through five years of carefully building, infrastructure, scenic more humane, progressive realization of the extension to the five core scenic area, scenic sound and rapid development has laid a solid platform.


  (D) In the past five years, is the largest of the five-year ecological protection efforts.


  Has invested nearly 250 million yuan, the implementation of the natural forest protection project, Hainan siltation control, wetland nature reserve construction Tianchi Tianchi scenic comprehensive management of geological disasters, closed forest and grass, afforestation, water remediation projects. Full use of the international Man and Biosphere "Biosphere Bogda Peak," this flagship actively seek Italian government € 5 million conservation loan program, which is the resort for the first time in the history of the development of international funds to ecological protection. For Tianshan Tianchi Sangonghe, Sigonghe, Water Mill River ecological problems exist, Chengdu Institute of Mountain expert Dr. Chen Ningsheng to the State Council submitted a "proposal for Save the Tianshan Mountains Valley Forest Resources" in early 2008 to give the State Department We attach great importance to Premier Wen Jiabao and Vice Premier Hui Liangyu personally given instructions, thereby activating the Xinjiang Tianshan Mountains valley forest resource protection and restoration project planning, planning a total investment of 2.9 billion yuan. Tianshan Tianchi play an exemplary and leading role in the Tianshan Mountains valley forest resource protection and restoration projects will be in.


  (E) In the past five years, the resort has achieved remarkable results in the promotional, cultural Tianchi construction of five years.


  We always uphold the principle of "no cultural tourism is no taste, culture is the soul of tourism, tourism is an effective carrier of culture", highlighting the Queen Mother of the West Tianshan Tianchi culture cultural connotation five representatives from different angles, the level of publicity and display, dig inherent cultural potential, especially in cooperation with the Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Frontier, published only "Western Queen Cultural Integration" series 6 Volume 9, a total of more than 1100 million words, published "Human Tianchi" Series 7 , successfully held the first in Xinjiang? Fu Considine Queen Mother of the Jade Pool peach and the first China has a national-level standards? Tianshan Tianchi? West Queen academic forum, set up the China Folklore Society Mythology Culture Professional Committee of Research and West Queen Mother, in the domestic West Queen Mother field of cultural studies raises great repercussions. Tianshan Tianchi held for ninth through snow wind plot, realized the winter tourism product enterprise and market-oriented operation of a successful transition, the initial build Xinjiang winter tourism brand. Shooting "Mountain holy water" and other videos, issue of "Tianchi reincarnation" and other songs and film 4, the film "Mayi pull Tianchi" movie channel to broadcast in the central and won the Lily Award for outstanding film award. Poetry and Fu completed the Jade Pool Park construction, with a total investment of 50 million yuan, Xinjiang is the largest comprehensive reflection Kazakh history, culture, traditions and living cultural projects Tianchi Kazakh Khan palace culture museum opened for business. "Jade Pool myth" was included in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of intangible cultural heritage, it is further declared national intangible cultural heritage. And gradually establish a set of quality, cultural resistance, in the view of one of the cultural brand, for the full shape with rich content and high-grade western mountains lakes created a new situation.


  (F) In the past five years, it is the resort of farmers and herdsmen to fully enjoy the fruits of development for five years.


  Through years of exploration practice, we clearly put forward the scenic central economic work - Paul King enriching. Starting in 2005, we adhere to the spirit "moved concluded that stability is maintained, can get rich," the idea, to guide herdsmen go "advised farmers are farmers, should visit the tour, herd the animal husbandry, should work to the workers' development road, a total investment over 320 million yuan to carry out a large-scale ecological migration, the three-valley more than 10,000 farmers and 1,322 residents had moved to settle in the mining area. Taken to give 10 acres of arable land per household, per acre for five consecutive years of production subsidy 200 yuan preferential policies to support three workers Township, township Shuimogou 18443 acres of crops in the settlements; settlements and herdsmen to invest more than 10 million household construction of a high standard seismic Anju, invested 40 million yuan to solve the settlements, water, electricity, roads, afforestation, irrigation and other infrastructure. Provide more than 1200 jobs for farmers and herdsmen resort. Scenic pasture lease 2,800 acres, three workers 1335.81 acres of arable land afforestation Valley ecosystem restoration. Invested nearly 15 million yuan in the West stands for the three-herders developed sprinkler Township 10000 acres fenced pastures; invested 50 million yuan in the bais Hu wood, liucheng son settlements develop artificial forage base 4 acres; through ecological management, ecological migrants to set grass livestock, agricultural tourism feeding, adjusting the industrial structure, optimize the industrial upgrading a variety of measures, comprehensively addressing the ecological protection and tourism development, contradictions and herdsmen 'income, although the quantity of livestock pasture summer resort reduce by 66%, the main scenic run yurts herdsmen reduced from past to present more than 500 more than the top 50 top, but the per capita income of farmers and herdsmen in 2006 from the current 5,396 yuan raised to 8,183 yuan, an increase of nearly 51.6 percent, making agriculture herdsman masses to fully enjoy the fruits of development of tourism, farmers and herdsmen from the primitive way of life to modern civilization, rich in life transitions, to promote the harmonious development of the region.


"Twelve Five" Development Prospect


  "Twelve Five" period, Tianshan Tianchi as the leading tourism is the Fukang City region economy, a big advantage of Urumqi-Changji regional economic development, a great support, a big potential, but the Tianshan Slope Economic Zone, quasi-East Coal coal chemical industry zone, a major guarantee of Urumqi Metropolitan, one of the pillars and a large base. In the central work conference in Xinjiang, Shanxi Fu aid and historic opportunity to reform, innovation and development achievements, "Eleventh Five-Year" period reinforce the "five-second" basis, we clearly stated that "the national first-class, world quality, miracle, "the goal, the Tianshan Tianchi positioned to create a" tourism, leisure, vacation, entertainment as one of the country's major tourist destinations and national cultural tourism industry demonstration park, the national tourism standardization demonstration areas and national tourism complex reform experimental zone "determined" to complete three years of planning projects "," 60% of the first year must complete three tasks ", and strive to achieve within three years of travel" doubling plan ", tourism revenue doubled. In 2011, plans to complete the whole resort fixed assets investment 1.6 billion yuan, to achieve the main Tianchi scenic tourists 1,020,000 passengers, an increase of 10%, tourism revenue 763 million yuan, an increase of 20%; to 2015, the city's tourist arrivals 7,000,000 passengers, tourism income of 3.0 billion, accounting for 15 percent of GDP, so that tourism has become an important engine of Fukang across the development, and strive to make Fukang Tianchi scenic tourism as well as Urumqi and Changji region structural adjustment, promote employment, improve people pillar industries.


  "Twelve Five" period, Tianshan Tianchi will firmly grasp the transformation of the mode of development the main line, around a center, and strive to achieve "two transformations" and "three breakthrough":


  "One Center" is to unswervingly adhere to the "Paul King Fumin," the center. Resource development and tourism development should be based on the pursuit of economic, social and ecological benefits on the basis of dynamic equilibrium, so that tourism and natural, cultural and human living environment form a whole, to ensure the sustainability and development of permanent resources Continued use. On the "resource development for sustainable and ecological sustainable" path of development put forward by the regional party committee practice to Bogda Peak region as the center of ecological environment given the potential Tianshan Tianchi scientific leap, more Tianshan Slope Economic Zone , Zhundong coal coal chemical industry zone and economic and social development of Urumqi Metropolitan provide a solid ecological barrier. "Twelve Five" period, the resort in addition to a rich history and cultural heritage of the humanities boutique, the only demolished do not build. 2011 nomination to the full realization of the core area of 16.9 acres of absolute grazing, and strive to be completed within three years of 33.9 million mu buffer limit grazing, demolition Tianchi cableway, postal service buildings, hotels and other landscapes illegal construction 11,000 square meters, the demolition of 68 yurts, relocation 80 farmers and herdsmen, highlighting the demonstration in Tianshan Tianchi "Tianshan" inscription to the leading role. Invest 440 million yuan in five years, focusing on the scientific ecological management project as the starting point, to enhance the quality of the ecological resources of the eight scenic spots, highlighting good Tianshan Mountains valley forest vegetation protection and restoration, geological heritage protection, geological disaster control, wetland construction Ecological Protection Project Water Mill River Regulating Reservoir, natural forest protection, Hainan alpine botanical garden, afforestation projects. Through cooperation with international, domestic first-class professional institutions to implement conservation Italian government loan projects, combined with the actual conduct extensive research and testing and so on, and effectively improve the technological content of ecological protection, with a good ecological support Ukrainian Chang regional economic and social development by leaps and bounds.


  Adhere to the "rich tourism city" policy without wavering, to take the lead in tourism development outcomes urged farmer income over million target. Adopt a lifestyle change production methods and lifestyle changes in production a two-pronged measures, according to "move concluded that stability is maintained, can get rich," the idea, on the one hand to continue to unswervingly implement ecological migration project, and Anju Fu Min, Xingmu settled two projects combine to further increase funding, policy, intelligence support, so that the relocation of farmers and herdsmen to settle rate of 90%. Through lifestyle changes, and gradually move towards scientific and advanced production methods, to achieve the purpose of getting rich. On the other hand, with the tourism product, tourism business projects and large enterprises and groups to participate in the process to speed up the development of tourism resources, is expected to "12 5" end in the tourism service sector the proportion of farmers and herdsmen reached 60%, tourism revenue accounted for farming the proportion of herdsmen per capita net income reached 70%, by changes in production methods, and gradually move towards civilization, the modern way of life, to promote the harmonious scenic construction.


"Two Transformations":


  Efforts to achieve the transition from a single tourism to leisure, vacation, convention comprehensive travel. Tourism to leisure tourism transformation is an important current trend in the international tourism market. In accordance with this change trend, Tianshan Tianchi during the second five will focus on the adjustment of industrial structure, change the mode to start by focusing on the number of tourist travel to pay attention to changes in consumption, efforts to increase tourism supply, and promote the development of the characteristics to achieve speed, structure, quality and efficiency. "Twelve Five" period, in accordance with the "three high, three" requirements, plans to invest 6 billion yuan, through the implementation of more than 50 tourist projects, by focusing on the construction of nine themes tourist areas (Tianchi main scenic spots, three-valley, Tianchi Tourism ecological park, Tianshan Tianchi tourism and cultural industry park, Shuimogou area, 500 reservoirs resort, Wutonggou desert resorts, ancient sea spa resort, Water Mill River, South Bay River, Yao Chi River city view), a comprehensive build quality attractions and fine lines vigorously promote interactive King City, King City integrated development. 2011 plans to invest 1.6 billion yuan to build 26 tourism projects, according to Tosi Queen Mother statue, Lingshan, celebrity culture park, incense table, would Sendai, pot hole landscape group project, to build the West Queen Mother cultural showcase platform; accelerate national style Park, Wong Chuk Villa and Kazakh Khan palace, etc. to enhance the transformation, complete ski, outdoor sports club, luxury hotels, recreational sports, villas, wineries and other tourist Tianchi Ecological Park Phase II Project and tourist hub, area identification signs, interval station construction, Baiyun Mountain construction, improve the comprehensive service functions; the completion of the construction of a resort infrastructure, Welcome Plaza landscape, horse Asan scenic sightseeing ropeway, construction of power facilities, the implementation of Poplar Ditch scenic road as soon as possible, Shuimogou road, highway interchange reconstruction and other projects to further optimize the resort infrastructure; accordance with the "project is the landscape" concept, complete Sangonghe, Sigonghe, Water Mill River Improvement and Hainan silt control project. Through science, improve the project, to create a group for tourists choose boutique tourist routes and tourist attractions, completely solve the area, "unable to retain people, low consumption," the status quo.


  Efforts to achieve the diversification of tourism development model of inclusive transition driven by a single government investment. Adhere to the concept of modern industry and the requirements of the development of tourism ponder, to transform the mode of development of tourism as an entry point to enhance the quality and tourism industry comprehensive benefits as the focus, in accordance with the rules and laws of the market economy, liberate and develop the productive forces of tourism, the government should focus On the policy guidance and create a favorable investment environment for development efforts in market-oriented principle, increase and exert greater efforts to attract enterprises and groups involved in development of tourism resources, tourism and other aspects of the product to create and gradually enhance the market competitiveness of tourism products force. During the second five, will further strengthen the tourist attractions, tourism products and specialty lines of planning and marketing, innovative marketing model, complete the preparation "Tianshan Tianchi marketing plan" as soon as possible, the implementation of tourism card system to further activate the regional tourist market, increase tourism number and tourism revenue. Improve regional cooperation with neighboring resorts, for inclusion Chinese "Silk Road" National tourist routes, an international product lines. Accelerate the implementation of the "Xinjiang Tianshan Tianchi regional tourism integration and promotion and product transition plan", phased build Fossil Hill Park, sightseeing ditch flowers Hanada, Poplar Ditch mountain bike parks and other tourism products, to create a world-class, national, regional, local level series tourism products, and enhance the vitality and competitiveness of the Tianshan Tianchi regional tourism development; vigorously develop different grades and distinctive characteristics of tourism souvenirs, handicrafts, video, books, audio and video products and other consumer goods, a brand, serialization, large-scale tourist commodity production. "In the section of Tourism to promote the brigade would" vigorously exhibition industry development and prosperity. Undertake every effort to strive for China - Eurasia Expo industry conference special exhibitions and in 2016 National Winter Games sports event as well as China and other trade Scenic Area Association, Chinese Association and other tourist attractions, convention and exhibition industry docking developed inland areas, development of local industrial advantages featured exhibition, accelerate China Wine Fair bases, cultivate brand exhibition, held more than five games brand show with local characteristics and strong influence of each year, to enhance the effectiveness and publicity of the festival.


"Three breakthrough":


  In national cultural industry demonstration garden as a platform, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs on the cultural tourism industry. National Cultural Industry Demonstration Park to highlight the cultural and science and technology, culture and tourism integration features, by exemplary build a brand, to achieve the rapid development of industry and enterprise scale clustering. The next five years, we will strive to Tianshan Tianchi area of seven square kilometers of tourism and cultural industry demonstration park into Western history of national culture, national cultural display area and demonstration area and living culture and modern culture. Formed during the year to improve infrastructure and landscape characteristics of water, in order to achieve "Zhuchaoyinfeng" purposes. By covering and absorbing cartoon theme parks, water screen movie, the Expo Hall Xinjiang, Xinjiang intangible cultural heritage protection research and development production base, reflecting the farming culture and pepper culture "three museum a center", tourist souvenirs R & D base and other initiatives to further integrate cultural tourism resources to play agglomeration effects of industrial clusters, spawned a number of strong strength, competitiveness, influence and innovation capacity of large-scale cultural enterprises and enterprise groups, to further improve the Tianshan Tianchi cultural industry scale, intensive level.


  In brand building as the core, and strive to achieve world-class, new breakthroughs on the international tourism brand. Tourism is a regional tourism brand focused on personalized performance. Xinjiang tourism as a window and a leader, "five-second" period, Tianshan Tianchi will declare the world's natural heritage, striving for national cultural industry demonstration parks, national nature reserves, national geological parks and national tourism standardization demonstration area for the goal, to create a world-class tourism brand. First, the brand management. Officially launched as the country's first batch of 67 pilot units and resort tourism standardization pilot work unique in Xinjiang, Xinjiang tourism which will achieve standardized, scientific management has played an exemplary role. To create a post-doctoral research station personnel to promote the construction of resort development into a strong vitality. The full implementation of accreditation and licensing system, explore the establishment of a scientific and rational management of guides, training and use of mechanisms, cultivate a high-level team of guides, and lay a solid foundation for the Tianshan Tianchi human branding. Second, the cultural brand. Queen Mother of the west culture and strive to build the core of multicultural tourism cultural brand. In collaboration with Northwestern University, founded Tianshan Tianchi Institute for Cultural Industries, to create "Tianchi western writer writing camp" to further mining, refining Western Queen Tianchi culture dominated culture, protection, finishing Fukang history and culture, the Kazakh ethnic folk culture. Third, the festival brand. Persistently high standard run Xinjiang? Fu Wang Mu Yao Chi peach Considine, Tianshan Tianchi snow wind plot and other tourism and cultural festival brand, a high level of planning to shoot the TV series "Legend of the West Queen Mother", according to the Queen Mother landscape Tosi group, wedding photography, peach products and other means show "welfare culture, like culture, life culture."


  Innovation as the driving force of change, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in institutional mechanisms. Operating mechanism by building highly streamlined and efficient management mechanism, with market competitiveness, with attracting and play intellectual talent mechanism, deepen Tianchi Management Committee, the Western tourism company personnel, distribution and management system reform. Qujiang New District Management reference model, with the Tianshan Tianchi practical, innovative business management plus one institutional mechanism, through enterprise integration, and other measures to improve the corporate governance structure, and strive to become the first company listed in Xinjiang tourism, resource advantages into economic advantages of change, to constantly deepen the tourist resort and tourism business management system reform and further expanding opening up the tourism industry, give full play to the market mechanism, and create new ways of tourism development, management and services, improve the competitiveness of tourism enterprises and tourism the overall level, and promote the transformation and upgrading of tourism will have far-reaching significance.

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